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Web Work

Some of my featured web projects


Poni's website was rebuilt from the ground up from a boring, blank page to a colourful enjoyable experience.

It showcases the features of Poni with icons to give more of an understanding of what a feature does. Other little things such as an infinite pulse animation on a heart and easter eggs make this a very well put together website.

The project was finished within a day and was one of my fastest completions yet. The client in this case was myself and I am overjoyed with the turn out of this project.

Ping Host

Ping Host is a small virtualization and web hosting company based in the United Kingdom which is serving new customers daily.

The website needed to be official yet playful looking and inviting to users. A lot of flat iconography, bold claims and a live chat were used to achieve this look. Theming was also kept consistant with the brand to ensure users would have an inclusive experience. The mobile site disables certian elements such as the navbar and gradient overlay to ensure that mobile users do not interact with services such as WHMCS which are intended for Desktop use.

This was finalised within 2 days as all that was needed was a small front end for the brand's billing systen. The client is still using this design.


The Aero8 website was based from a design created by Red_Eye_Computing using a free website builder. He wanted custom code so he breifed me to write what he had, from scratch using my style of minamilistic design.

Aero8 itself is a modified version of Windows created to bring Windows 7's Aero back to the rather flat and boring Windows 8.1. The website needed to provide information and images of the product whilst still following the uniform of his previous site. A download center was also required.

The project was finished within one day as I had previously designed the download center a few weeks previous as I needed to test myself. The client was happy with the outcome and has hired me for further work since.

Novus Community

This website has had many iterations over time, being used for many Discord servers as it was uploaded as a free to use design on my GitHub. The most recent and my favourite adaptation being the Novus Community website.

The original brief was to create a simplistic website for the new Armada discord server. Over time it has had many official changes and it is used by a duplex of communities today.

This project was reworked various times as the outcome never met my standards. In total this took around one to two weeks of on and off work therefore I can not give an official time scale. As it is still used to this day by multiple parties, I would say the work was satisfactory.

Graphics Work

Featured graphics and branding

Software Work

Projects I have put time into


Poni Bot is a modular Python 3.6 automation bot for the Discord platform aiming to make moderation tasks protected and adds entertainment for users.

The project was originally created in JavaScript but was rewritten using Python as I held more experience with it.

The bot is in over 2000 servers and has a user base of 91,251 users. The project is still under development and continues to grow to this day.


Simple-Tweeter randomly tweets images or if modified posts every time a set interval passes.

It was designed to be an easy to setup and host, open source Twitter bot that anybody with a spare PC and time could setup to Tweet jokes for friends or be adapted to become an advertisement method etc..

The bot is being used by a large amount of people and is still under development for more options and a setup for first time run.


Clear is an easy and simple way to perform an action in Discord that should be implemented by default.

This self-bot allows the user to clear direct messages in bulk in order to remove any trace that the conversation existed.

This project took around a day to develop its full and is used by multiple people to date.

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