by Ewan Haynes

The design

AO554 is a tech YouTuber from Essex, UK. His content is based around Windows versions, hardware and other little bits of tech gubbins.

The brief was to design branding that fitted his theme of green and blue waves. The logo itself was inspired by the works of Haden Fletcher. It's based of the Stegal typeface with modified kerning, weight and positioning of the lettering.

As for the background, I started with an image from my custom library of waves and found a colour gradient which was similar to his existing theme. I eventually found a blend mode which made the sea look pleasing with the colours. With some select cropping, this made a great icon.

The product

Icon Colour

Icon Dark

Icon Light

Logo Dark

Logo Light

Logotype Dark

Logotype Light

Wordmark Dark

Wordmark Light

Background Colour