by Ewan Haynes

The design

Technach is a internet personality from NJ, USA. He occasionally creates JavaScript applications and YouTube videos. He is mainly known around the Discord community as a great guy.

I was given no specific brief for this design so I started with what I thought looked appealing. Myself and Technach conversed for hours building upon a design that pleased the client and myself. The logo design was based upon two typefaces which I spliced to make a recognisable, easy to understand logo.

The background was sourced from Pexels and was greyscaled and recoloured with a gradient that was decided by the client. The position of the background image was chosen to show off the best of the gradient on the texture.

The product

Icon Colour

Icon Dark

Icon Light

Logo Dark

Logo Light

Logotype Dark

Logotype Light

Wordmark Dark

Wordmark Light

Background Colour