MagicCap is a startup multiplatform screenshot utility written in TypeScript.

I was given free reign to do as I pleased with the design as I had no strict brief. I decided to create something reminiscent of the old iPhone camera shutter while still looking modern..


Devvy is an internet personality from the United Kingdom. He is best known for being the alter-ego of YouTuber Da532.

The design had to be grungy and rough, but yet look professional and slick. I decided to create something bold and standout, using texture and eye-catching..


Pinghost was a cloud computing company based in the United Kingdom.

I was breifed to design a logo that looked modern, sleek and recognisable that would bring traction towards the company. The logo was based upon the idea of 'the cloud' as a hosting platform. Comfortaa was used to beautifully complement the cloud as the curvature of the lines were identical in the way I designed it..


Technach is an internet personality from NJ, USA. He occasionally creates JavaScript applications and YouTube videos.

I was given no specific brief for this design so I started with what I thought looked appealing. Myself and Technach conversed for hours building upon a design that pleased the client and myself..