MagicCap is a startup multiplatform screenshot utility written in TypeScript.

I was given free reign to do as I pleased with the design as I had no strict brief. I decided to create something reminiscent of the old iPhone camera shutter while still looking modern..


Pinghost was a cloud computing company based in the United Kingdom.

I was breifed to design a logo that looked modern, sleek and recognisable that would bring traction towards the company. The logo was based upon the idea of 'the cloud' as a hosting platform. Comfortaa was used to beautifully complement the cloud as the curvature of the lines were identical in the way I designed it..


Technach is an internet personality from NJ, USA. He occasionally creates JavaScript applications and YouTube videos.

I was given no specific brief for this design so I started with what I thought looked appealing. Myself and Technach conversed for hours building upon a design that pleased the client and myself..